Monday, November 4, 2013

Leftovers.... Bucatini style.

Got leftovers? I do. All the time. Need ideas for putting those leftovers together to make a quick and tasty dish that doesn't taste like leftovers? I get that. All that's needed for this meal is a little leftover cooked pasta, cooked veggies, some kind of protein, if you so desire, a few eggs and a hot pan. 

In this case, I scored some leftover pasta from dinner made by a friend and brought it home. Dinner was delicious, bucatini pasta, haricot vert, garlic, hot pepper flakes and parmesan. A simple, tasty dish, just like Mama would make. Not MY mama, but someone's Italian mama.  At home, a day later, I pulled the pasta from the fridge and heated up the cast iron skillet. A little splash of olive oil heated to shimmering, and in went the pasta. I cut up some of my country French chicken breast that was left from another meal, shaved up some extra parmesan and sprinkled on a few extra red pepper flakes. Don't mess with the pasta at all, just let it sit there and sizzle. It's busy making a nice pasta crust on the bottom. 

 After about 10 minutes on medium heat, beaten eggs were poured over the pasta and chicken, followed by a generous sprinkling of cheese and a grind of black pepper. Don't toss it or stir it, just let it cook. Rule of thumb- use 1 egg per how many servings you want. I used 4, for about 2 cups of pasta. My end results look like they could feed 4 people if they aren't THAT hungry, 3 if they are.

 The eggs are cooked on the stove top until the edges are firm, and then it's slipped under the broiler to cook the rest of the way.

This browns the cheese a little bit and makes some of the top pasta crispy.

Sometimes I'll invert the pie over a board and serve it bottom side up, but I liked the way the chicken and green vegetables looked, so it stayed right side up. Love the way the little holes in the pasta showed up on the cut side.

Sliced into wedges, this makes a nice lunchbox addition (I know it's my lunch for the rest of the week!) or with a little green salad it can be a good supper. The variations of pasta, veggies, cheese and proteins are limitless. A little imagination and you can have a satisfying meal in a matter of minutes, and you don't have to tell anyone it's leftovers!

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  1. What do you mean, "Not MY Mama?" Does canned Spaghettios count?


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