Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Gratitude Jar.

On January 1, 2013, at the behest of my optimistic friend, Amy, we started Gratitude Jars. These personally decorated jars would hold little scraps of paper on which we would scribble the good moments of 2013, and then on January 1, 2014, we would open them and read them, reflecting back on the year with contemplative joy. Sounds great, right? Of course, right! Amy got busy in her typical Amy fashion, creating a masterpiece of a jar, with rhinestones and tags and fufanklers and wuzzles. See?

Amy fashioned a shrine of sorts, with her magical crystal ball, a reclining cherub and a photo of her beloved mother. And of course, a lovely work of art in the backdrop from what I'm sure is one of her friends with fabulous taste. Filled with colorful bits of paper, seriously, you could pay big bucks for this thing at Pier One. Here's mine, a more utilitarian version, shall we say?

Semi-filled with out-dated business cards and still sporting some wax from the many candles that have dripped in there, it is less than fancy. It's counterpart puts to it to shame, actually. But that's ok! It's what's inside, right? Let's take a look in and see what inspired me to put pen to paper, fold and chuck into the austere Gratitude Jar this year..... (I will only be posting the G-rated items, for all you concerned parents out there, I know this is great bedtime story fodder...) 

Jan 8- "Was inadvertently exposed to active TB. Did not get it." Yes, that's a real plus right there. Go me! Go auto-imune system! 2013 rocks so far!

Jan. 11- "Bought a guitar!" Yes, yes I did. And one day, I will actually play it....

Feb. 5- "Mumford and Sons!" This needs no clarification. 

Feb. 14- "Sang 'House of the Rising Sun' at Mama Mia's with the guitarist. NOT KARAOKE." Well, that was a moment for sure. It wasn't videoed or recorded in any fashion, so you'll have to take my word for it. There was applause. 

Feb 21- "Winter Book Club"- yes, in an effort to have more cerebral undertakings in my free time, I started a book club. Why, well, because it's fun to have HOMEWORK, that's why....

Feb 25- "Did not step in puke today." Really? I blocked this episode out, but I'm sure it's true. Soooo glad I wrote it down, for reflection's sake. 

March 21- "Elaine is here!!!" Best visit from my dear friend from Alabama. We had a hoot. 

March 30- "Easter eggs with Lisa, Dan and Charlie." I think that's a blog post somewhere. It was colorful. And Willow was a champ. Beat the whippersnapper to the frisbee. 

April 11- "Made scallops, oatmeal and syrup edible. TOGETHER." Ha, take that, CHOPPED. 

May 2- "Did not murder today." I will spare you the details. But this was a real accomplishment. 

May 19- "Polenta Sunday." While I did not need to call the cops, it was a wild party. I just decided to make it an annual event, this second. 

June 1- "F-ing yard sale is f-ing over." Oh, that f-ing yard sale. Work for days and days, make 92 bucks selling stuff out of the house just because I could. Guy looking for an iron- you got a deal, dude! And I'm wrinkly. 

June 2- OFF TO NC WITH AMY. It says, in little letters underneath, "Best time EVER." It was incredible and I have a whole calendar to prove it. 

June 16- "Learning to live with less." Ah, an interesting positive lesson in a bad thing? For sure. 

June 22- "Saw Grace and told her I loved her." Saying good-bye is hard, but it's worse if you are unable to do it. 

July 28- "hummingbird." 

August 2- "Shot guns with Cousin Ron." Ah, yes. That was insane. "Say hello to my little friend." BLAM.  

August 10- "Helped install a ceiling- got to use NAIL GUN!" (August was the month of shooting things.)

August 15- It's actually illegible. If I had to guess, I think it says, "No more inkwells." 

Undated- but it was late August- "Sleepover with Elvis!" LOVE having a Dobermann around the place!!

September 6- "Boat ride on the Susquehanna!!" I love a boat ride. It was a great vacation overall. Lots of quality time with both Mom and Dad- and I participated in a photography challenge called Shootember which re-ignited my love for taking photos. Here's my favorite. 

September 20- Just the date, no comment. Sometimes just letting time pass is an achievement.

October 26- "Mike!!!!!" Let's just say there is no one more important than the designated driver, and the smart friends who insist you have one for Halloween parties. CHER and Diana Nyad are forever grateful. 

And that was it. Not really as epic as I would have liked, but I fully blame my lack of commitment to the task, and as of this January 1, things are a little different. My gratitude jar is appropriately adorned, it's already full of notes and special moments. It's next to my daily affirmation bowl, and my favorite cookbook. Positive energy abounds. Happy 2014, all. Hoping it's a good one. 

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  1. What a great idea. I should do this,but then I would have nobody to share with because Dad won't play with me.


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